“Passion First, Business Second” awards grants to young entrepreneurs from 16 to 30 with innovative ideas through the start-up and planning stages with tailored business support, to the implementation stage with grants of £1000.


Our aim is to help young entrepreneurs explore, test the feasibility, develop a viable model for your idea, and take the first practical steps to launch their business. 

Passion First, Business Second will provide successful young entrepreneurs with:

1.  Business development support;

2.  Grant of £1000;

3. Learning and peer networking: Access to online resources, thematic webinars, and the opportunity to visit and learn from existing businesses.

To be considered for support and funding through Passion First, Business Second, you must:

1/   Be aged between 16 and 30 years old;

2/ Your project must adhere to Sté Tumba Capital core values: PASSION | INNOVATION | THRIVE | EXCELLENCE. 

3/Send us your creative pitch and a business plan at info@tumbacapital.com.



The deadline for submitting your application is midnight on 31 December 2020.




Have you ever asked yourself about the purpose of your life? When you are sitting in your air-conditioning office reading this website, there are millions of people who are trying to sleep hungry. A human is not a human until misery and helplessness don’t affect him deeply. Stretching your hands for the individuals who need them is what makes you a person. Come on, let’s make a world where happiness is the ultimate right of every human being breathing on this planet. Join hands with our exclusive charity programs HEIDA and AIDA.


HEIDI (Help for Education, Integration, Development and Independence) is a charity initiative program for us to reach out to individuals who are trapped in miserable conditions. We offer them moral and financial support to boost their confidence and to bring back on the track of normal and healthy happy life.

AIDA (Aide Internationale de Développement à L’Afrique) is a project running in Africa by us, and we are conducting a broad range of activities there to help out poor and underprivileged people.​

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