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Sté Tumba Capital is an angel investment vehicle focused on seed and early-stage investments. Whilst Series A investing is the focus, Sté Tumba Capital occasionally invests in Series B investments.
It was founded by our very own special CEO Stéphanie Tumba. She is hands-on, engaged and dedicated to realising entrepreneurs’ dreams and maybe this is why we know exactly the types of people we are looking for. We invest in experts — authentic founders who are the best at what they do.

Sté Tumba Capital is changing.

We are becoming responsible investors in reflection to Stéphanie Tumba's personality.

Since the financial crisis, the focus by the industry on measuring, managing and mitigating environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks has grown substantially.

Consumers are making more socially and environmentally conscious choices, investors MUST look to support the funds and companies that drive positive change.
As such, Sté Tumba Capital is now incorporating impact measurement into its investments. We are looking at how startups address topics like climate change, gender equality, social justice, and pay equity.



Stéphanie Tumba is the founder of Sté Tumba Capital.

The path that led her here was not straight but winding, and sometimes, she feels like she had different lives.

Stéphanie has always been focussed and determined. At 7, she was stealing her mother’s Dutch Wax Block fabrics making clothes for dolls and selling them to her friends. At 16, she worked as a door-to-door representative selling arts and antiques to individuals to invest in her first investment in Paris where she was born. I had no fixed salary, but the commissions were mega-high and pushed me to go the extra mile to hit my targets. This is how I started my journey in real estate investment.

Then, Stéphanie went to university to study International Business Management and learned the ropes of entrepreneurship. After she graduated, she was in charge of the marketing development and business management for a variety of big luxury brands at L’Oréal Group and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

In 2015, Stéphanie found herself hating her job in the entertainment industry and got sacked but from that setback, she had the good fortune to work for an investment fund where her new boss taught her the ropes of angel investment and became both her mentor and friend. In 2016, Stéphanie made her first angel investment in the hospitality industry, which she sold the following year for twice the original valuation. Since then, Sté Tumba Capital portfolio has grown to include around 20 investments.

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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