We Only Invest in Excellence.

Funding individuals that change the world we live in. 

Sté Tumba Capital is an angel investment vehicle focused on seed and early-stage investments.  Whilst Series A investing is the focus, Sté Tumba Capital also invest in real estate (our first passion) in Europe and internationally. 

Sté Tumba Capital was founded by our very own special CEO Stéphanie Tumba. Stéphanie is hands-on, engaged, and dedicated investor supporting and mentoring startups to realise their dreams. As such, she knows exactly the types of people she is looking for. Sté Tumba Capital invests in experts & lifelong learners — authentic founders who are the best at what they do but are also searching to progress. 

Our Values





Our investment criteria

We currently have a portfolio of 18 startups mainly based in Europe. We look for globally-minded founders that are changing the world we live in and who have bold ideas that span industries and continents. Our limited partners are very involved and add significant value to our business in numerous industries including healthcare, software, hardware, e-commerce, web-enabled products & services, marketplaces, dating services, and many innovative ideas. Get in touch if you feel this is you.

Passion First, Business Second Grant 2020

Sté Tumba Capital has launched an international mentoring programme called ‘Passion First, Business Second’, which offers both a grant and a year of mentorship to help young founders realise their dreams.

Details here.



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